Two Blue Planets

These two planets are so faint in the sky that you can barely see them as a white dot through your telescope. You may know they appear blue, are distant from the Sun, and even have rings, but what is the difference between these two unbearably cold gas-giants? Let’s start with Uranus. Unlike Earth or […]

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A Change of Plan

I’ve decided that I will keep this Astronomy website on WordPress. As far as Google Sites is concerned, an entirely new subject will be introduced. This will be the third out of 4 topics I will cover online. The 4th one? Wait for it to be revealed!

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A Big Announcement

This website will be moving to Google Sites, where I can put more effort into writing more articles. It also allows me more customization for free. Once it’s complete, will redirect to instead of Thank you!

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Dinosaurs, the Solar System, and a Spell that Happens every 26,000,00 Years

This solar system is unlike most other star systems, simply because the Sun lives on its own. Many stars live in pairs, called binary stars. But it wasn’t that long ago when scientists predicted another object that orbiting the Sun, taking an ever-lasting 26,000,000 years to orbit once. What could that distant object be? Could […]

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